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Pikarde Technologies Inc was founded in 2005 by Saddam Al-Kaddah with the vision to provide the same high quality service to more customers at any time of the day or night and to make his passion a job he actually loves.

What sets us apart from other companies, is not just dedication, professionalism and expertise, but our personal concern to your problem. Your issues & problems are our issues & problems and we will provide you a solid solution.
We don't try to upsell you products you don't need.
We don't just fix the problem, we make it work better than it did before.

Saddam Al-Kaddah immigrated from Germany in 2000. He has an AS degree in Physics and Computer-Science. It took only a short time that he was known to be the #1 contact for quality and affordable computer and programming work. He has been programming since he was 12 years old. Started with BASIC, then Pascal and little Assembler. Today his programming strengths are in VB/VB.net/ASP/ASP.Net, SQL, AJAX, WebServices and Windows Server Environments, and many more...

Motto:"A GOOD transaction is when the customer AND the seller are happy with the transaction."


(NE Florida)
Hi! My name is Georgi Talmazov, I was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria and have lived there most of my childhood, then I moved to the USA and I currently live in Norfolk, VA.
I've been involved with computers since I got my first computer in 5th grade. I like to help those in need and teach those who want to learn. I'm currently a fulltime student at VCU. I've had plenty of hands on experience in my spare time in web design, digital art, 3D modeling, and now I've kicked up on programming. My current knowledge applies to the Graphic Design and Concept Art world using: 3D Studio Max (finalRender, Maxwell Render) Vue 6 xStream (Network Farm Rendering/Batch Mode) zBrush (detailing) Adobe Photoshop CS3 (with Wacom Graphire 3) Lightroom (for photography)
I also have knowledge in .Net 3.5 Programming (ASP/VB), SQL Database, and in the process of learning C#. I'm experienced in Windows troubleshooting and basic Linux server setup.
Graphic Design

(VA Beach Region)

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